Surprise Boxes

Timeless, Classic, Versatile, Handcrafted

Timeless, Classic, Versatile, Handcrafted

My Surprise Boxes are all handcrafted here in Alabama by me, Anna O'Reilly. 

I am a mother of 2 and I work at home in my free time.  My son Emmett is 3 and my son Llewellyn was born in September!


As a mother and seamstress, quality and looks matter to me.  Everything I sew for Emmett and Llewellyn needs to stand up to heavy wear like running in the park and scooting down the slide.  It also needs to look amazing and handsome so that they can wear their outfits to church and dressier occasions.  Their clothing needs to be functional, so all rompers have snaps in the diaper changing area.  Emmett needs to be able to take himself to the bathroom, so I make 2 piece outfits that are easy for little hands to dress and undress when potty training takes place.  I use mostly 100% Kona Cotton because their fabric is durable and it washes well and it's breathable for our hot Alabama Summers.  It's also nice and thick and keeps my boy warm in the Winter.  I love using corduroy by Robert Kaufman because it is cozy and thick and layers beautifully for hot and cold weather.

Versatility - this is also of great importance to me.  I love creating outfits that can be worn in the Summer and then layered in the Winter.  A criss cross dress can be worn with bloomers in the Summer, then simply add pants and a long sleeve shirt and it's ready for Winter.

How does it work?

Each month, the batch of outfits that I sew and mail are unique and one of a kind.  Your child will have an exclusive handcrafted outfit made with high quality.  You subscribe for the package you like best, I charge every month on the 20th and on 10th of the following month, I ship all the packages.  Because every outfit and accessory is handcrafted by me, this gives me 3 weeks between billing and shipping to get your unique and exclusive outfit made.

Want to try a Trial before you subscribe?

Try a one time Surprise Box to see how you like it - click here for girl. Click here for boy.

I have 4 Surprise Box options available:

A. 1 outfit - $39.99 (free shipping) - could be a dress, 2 pc outfit, suit, romper, etc

B. 1 outfit with monogram - $49.99 (free shipping) - will be any type of outfit and it will have a monogram added

C. 1 outfit & 1 accessory - $49.99 (free shipping) - will be any type of outfit and any age appropriate accessory such as a monogrammed bib, hair bows, bonnet, paci clips, etc

D. Sibling Box - $69.99 (free shipping) - an outfit for both children (2 outfits total)